Spider Strategies

Leader solution in scorecards, business indicators, action plans and performance management.





Spider Strategies is the developer of Web-based metric tracking software that powers balanced scorecards and gorgeous performance dashboards. Agile, smart, and convenient.

Palmtree Consulting is an authorized distributor and consultant to develop and support Scorecard solutions aligned with any performance management methodology.


Quickscore and Scoreboard features strengthen planning and performance offering:


Strategy Maps: Useful in Balanced Scorecard methodology to insert realtime visual representation of strategic goals.



Dashboards: Blank canvas into which associate any number of charts, graphs, metrics, images, tables and text, which can then be filled and updated in realtime based on transactional software updates.



Scorecards: A variety of indicators that evaluate performance and averages to show global strategic performance, regardless of the used business methodology.



Report Builder: Analyze and choose performance data through high impact presentation tools, exportable in standard formats as Microsoft PowerPoint®, Excel®, o Word®.



Action Plans: Auto-generated to-do task lists allow delegation of necessary activities for goal meeting. Gantt charts allow birds-eye view of what is going on up to date across the company, as well as whatever is is planned for next month or year.




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