GaussSoft offers solutions that allow companies in all industries to control and reduce business operation costs, increase profitability, and improve productivity.






GaussSoft is a long-time leader in costing and profitability analysis tools. Their products are widespread in over 200 companies across the US and Latin America.

Palmtree has been a distributor and deployment consultant of GaussSoft\s complete corporate solutions for years. We have strengthened a unique relationship with the provider since the beginning and as such are best positioned to offer, design and support world class costing solutions using this technology.

 GaussProfit is built based on the accumulator concept that enables:

  • Full-featured Activity Based Costing (ABC); multilevel and enhanced ABC costing; ABM (Activity Based Management), and ABB (Activity Based Budgeting).
  • Full-featured Real costing and Standard costing, with inventory capabilities and cross-period added-value permanence (allowing manufacturing costing)
  • Combined models (for example, a profit and cost model including Activity Based Costing ABC and manufacturing costing).