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Amazon Web Services

Cloud Computing has established itself as a viable, affordable and reliable alternative for the deployment of IT projects for companies of all sizes. 




Palmtree has been a pioneer innovator in the adoption of Cloud and the practical application of this technology into markets and industries previously uncatered by this technology. Among other achievements, Palmtree was among the first companies in its region to be recognized as an AWS solution Provider. 





Any IT solution requires a hardware infrastructure to operate. This hardware needs a minimum set of conditions to ensure the proper running of the solution’s services, and involves a constant process of provisioning, tuning, upgrading and improving. Many companies have realized that managing hardware directly is a highly complex procedure from a technical perspective, and highly costly in relation to the escalation and adaptation of platforms demanded by the dynamic needs of corporate growth and change.

Advancements in telecommunications have opened the door for the possibility of remontely managing the infrastructure platform of most solutions. Cloud Computing makes reference to this framework of offering technological solutions from a remote provisioning.

A Cloud infrastructure means much more than simple hosting: it involves that both the solution and the platform are optimized for this interaction, and as such, the provisioning of available resources required by the applications is done in real-time, growing and shrinking live, organically and flexibly to meet the solution’s demands. This is possible through the virtualization of machines and resources, and results in dynamic adaptations in seconds. Cloud Computing allows a company to leverage this dynamic nature of provisioning to grow when computation demands rise, and decrease after the peaks to lower costs. This flexibility is impossible to to meet with traditional, physical alternatives hosted either locally or remotely.
In addition to the flexibility in organic computation offered by a Cloud, there are many advantages derived from this infrastructure:

  • Controlled and flexible investment in computing capacity.
  • Mature and ensured response times, reliability and security.
  • Instant global remote access, limited by policy -not technically.
  • Leveraging expert teams in maintaining, tuning and supporting infrastructure.
  • Focus on business, not in technical platform.
We have worked with Cloud solutions since this technology was in its infancy. Through private clouds and partnership with Amazon.com (pioneer in cloud platform worldwide) we have developed projects in all sizes and scopes with tremendous success. As always, our focus on results has made us continually explore delivery alternatives that add value to our offerings, and we have found in Cloud Computing a very effective channel to maximize the technical potential of our implementations and continue inspiring value within our clients.