Our Offer

We help companies reach their goals of Profitability and Growth.



Palmtree Consulting is a boutique consulting firm in Performance Management, leader in offering business technology based services to companies across the Americas.

Welcome to our website. We invite you to explore our portfolio of Business Improvement Solutions, which integrate business best practices with world class, innovative and robust technologies. These value inspiring solutions allow companies of all sizes to increase their performance and  reach their business goals.

Our Difference

While industry knowledge is one of our key assets, we believe in a tailored, custom-fitted approach towards each of our customers.



For this reason, our services are provided as a combination of multiple options, such as:

  • Assessment,  to understand necessities and map action plans.
  • Consulting and deployment of information systems and solutions.
  • Outsourcing of operations, BPO, nearshoring, infrastructure, and support of information systems.
  • Support of processes, solutions and applications.
  • Provision of software and hardware in traditional form.
  • Cloud, Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service. 


In order to best serve our customers’ diverse requirements, we are Business Partners of top class technology providers, recognized worldwide by their innovative solutions and technology.

  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • GaussSoft
  • SugarCRM
  • Spider Strategies
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Amazon Web Services

Success Stories

Our biggest asset is our customer list. From industry leaders to small visionaries, we have had the chance to work on over 400 projects for innovative companies around the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States.


Palmtree is not a large company: we don’t have a backlog of thousands of faceless customers. Instead, we focus on businesses who share our passion for performance. Once we realize we are a good fit for a visionary company’s growth plans, whatever its industry or size, we commit to its improvement process. Palmtree has contributed to the quality of life of millions of people, who enjoy better services because the companies that serve them have trusted us as allies.

We have successful cases in big and small companies in all industries. Some where our experience is most relevant:

  • Financial Services: Banking,Trust fiduciaries and Insurance.
  • Utilities: Gas, Energy, Telecom, Waste.
  • Manufacturing: Automotive, Plastics, Chemicals, Pharma, Food and Beverages.
  • Government: City, Region, Country -wide agencies and companies.
  • Services: Healthcare, Security, Transport, Technology, Outsourcing, Hotels, Print, Distribution.

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